PCA General Trading LLC

Our Products

Based on 4 Pillars

Unique Range

Our product portfolio, selected with care are handpicked from across the globe to aid chef’s in reducing non value added tasks and focus more on creativity. We keep in close contact with the chef’s of the Industry to gather valuable insights and fill the pipeline accordingly.


Quality standards govern our operating policies, which start with the management team being fully committed to ensuring the integrity and safety of all food products. This starts with receipt of products and continues right through to storage distribution and acceptance by our customers.

Customer Service

Our aim is to be our customers’ first choice supplier for the range of products that we offer, based on our reliability, courtesy and ease of doing business. To this end, we are committed to continual improvement by setting improvement objectives based on our experience, customer and staff input; and monitoring our progress towards these goals.


A commitment to Innovation is crucial to running a long term sustainable business. PCA strives to bridge the GAP the industry faces in terms of value creation. We continually challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways to bring value to our customers and suppliers.